‘Life is not perfect and it will never be.’


“Its like in February my life changed. My mum passed away. People think my life is very simple because I have good grades, but I worked hard. I would either cry or study so I spent my time studying rather than wasting it on crying. I managed to get a good result, everyone used to say I have 13 As and A*s so its pretty easy for me. I mean yeah, its the best thing but something very integral was missing from my life, that puzzle piece was missing, my mother. Some people see grades as everything, I do a lot of ECAs as well and I am good at them, but it doesn’t mean my life is going perfect. People need to think out of the box and see that it is not a successful or perfect life, success comes when you can share those moments. All these accomplishments and scholarships and everything, I don’t care, even if had normal decent grades and nothing extra, it would still be worth it if I could share some of my moments with my mother. I was dragged out of my comfort zone. Its never easy for everyone, there is always something. I want people to realize that life is not perfect and it never will be, what they need to do is cherish moments they take for granted.”


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