‘When I came to Nixor, I wanted a fresh start.’


“When I came to Nixor, I wanted a fresh start. I have had quite a bit of ups and downs. In grade 4, my dad passed away so we moved to Karachi. I joined Habib Public. It was an all boys school. There were bullies everywhere, but I thought it won’t be bad, however it was the beginning of an era of traumas. It wasn’t your average bullying, I used to get beat up and I was mentally harassed. I know this was because of my accent and how I gesticulate, I know I seemed feminine sometimes but even for that, I was harassed pretty badly. I didn’t act like everyone else and that was my sin, I remember I got the highest marks on a test once and the next thing I got was a beating from everyone. I tried to sail my boat for a couple of years but it didn’t work out. It wasn’t just the students who used harass me, it was the teachers too, they started ganging up on me. I think all it did was make me strong, by the end of the year I stood in Habib Public as their Headboy, against all odds, I mean my Headboy campaign was marked with slogans “Vote for Chakka”. I came to Nixor and thought I will have a fresh start, turns out, the guys in Habib came to Nixor too so it was Habib for me all over again. What I want to say is everyone should get a chance, none of us intended to be the way we are. We should try to look at every person from different angles and try to be in their shoes.”


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