‘Getting up does get hard but is not impossible’


“I would come to Nixor a lot as an A0 because I was making friends, it was something new for my parents who were used to having me inside of the house because of my private candidacy in O levels. Long story short, I was enjoying myself until my dad started noticing that I was getting paler and scrawny, which I did not. My dad took me to a doctor who recommended a bunch of blood tests. Naturally, we didn’t do them. After the summer break, fatigue had started to become a recurring symptom, I was exhausted, I had fevers running as high as 104. I realized I was under the weather. Eventually, we got those blood tests done. Turned out I had Leukemia. I wound up in the hospital with chemo, I hated that, I wanted to come back to school because this was where I had my friends, so I would don a baseball cap on my bald head and show up. ‘Getting up does get hard but is not impossible’, If you want to know my scores? I had an A in my accelerated course, 2290 in my SAT I and 2400 in my SAT II. And I don’t think that would be my biggest gain here. The biggest thing I achieved was a changed personality I became more empathetic. I see through people now, I don’t mind if a person is rude to me because you don’t always know what they are going through, lets cut the guy some slack. I know I said somethings while I was fighting my battle but I didn’t know any better either. I learned how to see the person for who they are and not for what circumstances had made them. Now I know as clichéd as it sounds, I wanna go into medicine now and help people. Maybe change a few lives on the way.”


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