‘What limits anyone to anything, is their inability to express themselves’


‘I’ll start with how I became this person that is something that a lot of people ask me. Growing up I was a really small kid, eventually I also skipped a grade so I was much shorter and smaller compared to my peers so since a very young age people always assumed that I won’t really amount to much including my parents and my family, my teachers and my school mates. So basically what happened was, pretty soon I started believing it. I was physically not as strong as others so I wasn’t really good at sports, I wasn’t really good at much so I kind of started believing that everyone was right. But then once when I was just fooling around, I thought nobody was watching, I started to dance and what happened was that somebody saw me and somebody told me for the first time ‘man you know you can do this’ and I was like ‘I can?’ and she was like ‘yeah just do it’ she was my teacher, she was a friend. So I started dancing on my own, privately and eventually I came in front of a stage, it happened, and for the first time people saw me, this little kid up there trying do something and they were like ‘oh what’s going to happen’ and my heart was beating right out of of my chest but then I performed and people started cheering, it was a side of life that I’d never seen before. After that I had a lot of confidence in me, for the first time I wasn’t the person who was behind people, people were admiring me for a change, I wasn’t in the crowd, the crowd was in front of me for a change. After that I had this sense that maybe I can start leading people, I can start doing things if I can just express myself and I think what limits anyone to anything, is that they are unable to express themselves, once you are completely sure of who you are and how you want to be then I think you can truly be that person. So after that I just went on a rampage of, wherever I am, expressing myself, telling them how I think even if they’re not asking about it. Eventually people started to change the way they think and I thought ‘you know what, I’m gaining influence’, so I stood up in elections. You know when I used to come to give a speech people used to laugh but when I started to speak everyone started listening. So I decided, until I’m not doing anything, people will take me for granted but the moment that I start doing something people will start to appreciate who I really am. I just started nonstop, I became vice president in 10th grade of my council. In 11th I became president. Came to Nixor and volunteered in everything, led blacktips in orientation later I became CEO of Nixor Productions, I’ve been leading ever since. Now when people come up to me for help, it just reminds me of who I used to be and it makes me want to help them. That’s what I do at Nixor Productions. People come to me and I tell them you know what I’ve been there, this is how you’re gonna get to where I am, this is how you’re gonna get to any place you want to be in life, you just gotta learn to express yourself.’


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