‘They laugh because I’m different.’


“Life is not all that simple. It was in 2004 that my family had gone to London and over there, there was this giant epidemic of chicken pox, I had gotten one of the rarest of diseases which was a 1 in a million case and doctors were really worried. I had chicken pox all over my face and my body, I couldn’t walk or talk my mother had to carry me everywhere and I was only 8 back then. It was really hard. Because of that I suffered and I legit told my mom that I think I’m going to die because it was so painful. But the reason it was so severe was because, even after the disease faded, the marks still remained, they were all over my body. It’s simple to say that it gets easier, that the pain becomes less but it doesn’t. The society that we live in judges you for the way that you look and when I came back to Pakistan I didn’t go out for a year, thinking that people will call me a monster because the marks were all over my face. The way people stared at me, made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be on this planet. The confidence that I had as a kid went back to being zero, the confidence that everyone sees now, it wasn’t there. The smile that everyone sees, it wasn’t the same. I was weirded out, I couldn’t see myself in the face. But one day while looking out the window, I wrote something on my desk, I didn’t even think I was writing it, people might find it gross but it’s something I realized. I wrote ‘they laugh because I’m different, I laugh because they are all the same. And as I wrote it, it had such a diverse effect on me that, I just sprang up that day and promised myself that I’ll be the confident kid again, so what? If I look different, so what if people see marks on my face I’ll still go and rule people, I’ll make sure that I turn out as a Leader and that’s what I did. I hear people telling me that your life is so perfect right? Because you smile so much, but the thing is it’s not, it never is, nobody’s life is perfect. Everybody has a war going on and for me when I see all these people they are heroes to me. This is what I’ve told everyone, everywhere I go, I tell them that all of these people are heroes because each one, even if they are smiling, laughing or seem like the most happiest person and nothing could go wrong in their lives those are the ones you have to watch out for because they had to go through hell and they came back smiling. And I have one thing to say to you guys GOOD JOB.”


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