‘Being young is an unparalleled feeling’


“You know being young is an unparalleled feeling. The sky is blue, the grass is green, every shot you take with the bat is a six. There are no bitter realities of life trying to bring you down. Those memories and the bonds we form are all the more precious. There is a time where you feel invincible. Those old neighborhoods and streets. I still cling on to them. I grew up in Hyderabad, we have a pretty huge place back there, I mean I live in an apartment here and could sell it to get something bigger in Karachi but I would not dare to do that. The memories are worth more than anything. There came a time when I grew up and didn’t even notice that my children are gonna grow up too and I will teach them to cherish their memories as well. But what I am trying to tell you is that your kids shouldn’t really take all these little shenanigans and fun for granted because one day, reality will hit you and all you will have are these memories. Collect them, treasure them, but take notice of what you gather.”


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