‘And that’s how we became best friends’

“In our senior year, some of the students from Bayview including us two went on a school trip to Istanbul. I guess at first I wasn’t comfortable because my best friend did not show up. This one girl staying with me in our room wasn’t exactly that nice. I mean when I used to sleep, or when I pretended to sleep, she would talk behind my back. I felt isolated. I was missing my best friend. Anum here, who was in the next room with another group. Long story short, these guys sort of adopted me. That was it, we hit off since then and I think its mainly because of the crazy things we went through. We were in Istanbul, it was cold, magical and ludicrous. Our next door neighbors were some Russian crackheads. Even the hotel was sick of us because when you go to the front desk and annoy them by constantly asking: “Why isn’t my pillow working? How do I turn it on”, they actually think of you as idiots. But did it matter? No I guess not. We were having the time of our lives. We were roaming the streets singing out as loud as we could, we bonded over music. Once the trip was over, we were inseparable and that’s how we became best friends.”



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