‘I accepted my fate.’


“After O levels I was really devastated about my result. I had a lot of expectations that I might get A*s and A’s that’s also what was predicted but when the result came it was a total different story. It was really depressing but then Nixor happened and I had to cope up because the pressure was a lot and I was told that I had only a 3% chance of getting an A in AS physics after getting a B in O levels and Sir Nadeem even asked me if I could do it, and I had no answer at the time because I thought of all the people who say they can and then are unable to do so because it’s not that easy. And then I went to NCFP, it was unexpected but I accepted my fate in a way and then the one year process began, a lot of times people used to make fun but I never really responded because I was unaffected and didn’t really care. The whole year passed by and I worked hard, as hard as I possibly could and not only that I participated in all the ECAs that I could, I did it all. So AS was a pretty good year in terms of that, the social climate at times was a little harsh but it past, I made a lot of good friends in very little time. And then 11th August came, I was beyond overjoyed. I secured 3 A’s, going from 8Bs to 3A’s it was a big deal .The best thing was that after that I sort of became an example and everyone appreciated it. And now life is happening, let’s see how it goes, maybe I’ll get 3A*s, I have my hopes up, I missed a lot of deadlines so I know I can’t apply to some really good places abroad but what I can do is compete with those who will and I might just gain some satisfaction from that. “


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