‘Life doesn’t come easy on us. But if anyone can change it, it’s you.’


“My Mom left us when I was 5 and took a part of me with her. I had to grow up without a Mom in this conservative and sheltered society which was difficult to say the least. My Dad raised me best he could but I was in a bad state. I had lost my will power. He dressed me for school and tied my hair for me in the morning. He genuinely made an effort, but never having done it before in his life, naturally, he wasn’t very good at it and my hair always turned out incredibly messy. Being a girl, looking proper is extremely important and so I used to get bullied for my appearance a lot. I fell off track completely. Didn’t fit in at school, had no friends and my grades never rose above Ds and Es. Life was spiraling out of control fast.
All that changed as I turned 16 and Ammi came back, bringing with her the missing piece I’d been looking for since she left. To this day, I have no idea of what clicked but I turned my life around. Picked myself up and pushed forward. Slowly, things started changing for the better. I got admission in Nixor, met great people, became CEO of NEMS, became President of Student Government and got straight As in my AS year. Life doesn’t come easy on us. But if anyone can change it, it’s you.”


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