Disregarding the Writer’s Mind


I have a writer’s mind, a mind constantly thinking and analyzing, till the moment I drift off to the wonderful oblivion of the world of sleep. It won’t stop racing long enough to focus on a math equation or a chemical formula or a monetary spread sheet.  It’s running, it’s racing, won’t stop, won’t breathe. I don’t control my mind, my mind controls me.

Writer’s are the one of the most prominent creators of symbolism, metaphors and make valuable contributions towards analyzing the human mind and behavior. They share our pain, accompany us throughout our struggle via their writings and make us feel less alone and suffocated in our fight against the world.

A writer’s work should be valued and their skills protected. Just because they think differently, feel emotions more strongly and perceive the world in a way they feel they’re drowning in the burdens and deepest desires of others, doesn’t mean their work should be disregarded.

Words connect people universally, the way music makes people move their feet, regardless of culture, and the way scientists of all nationalities come together for a scientific break-through. Writings make or break the world, providing exposure, comfort, and a sense of belonging on a personal level to the reader, a skill to be admired rather than overlooked.


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