‘It’s not really my fault.’


“As a kid, I was constantly told that I don’t concentrate enough in class and that I need to work harder. It didn’t really make sense to me because I was making a lot of effort. It brought me to the point where I began to believe that the problem was with me – that I’m incapable of concentrating. It so happened that I was at my speech therapist for my stuttering when my psychologist noticed something. A week later he called my mum in and he explained to her that I had Dysgraphia. It’s like Dyslexia, but it limits a person’s reading and writing abilities and sometimes even hinders your speech. I was around 12 when I was diagnosed because this kind of stuff goes unnoticed in Pakistan. When I found out that I had Dysgraphia I was oddly relieved because I understood I didn’t have a concentration problem and it’s not really my fault.

After the first year it got easier for me because I accepted that this is how it is and I can’t change it. My best friend was always there for me. He would give me 5 words each day and made me write them down ten times. He helped me wherever I messed up. I have friends at Nixor who have always supported me. They always told me that there is nothing I can’t do and helped me wherever I fell short. The most difficult bit is do the most normal things like SAT for example and my subjects are also all essay based so they don’t really make a lot of sense to me.”


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