FEAR – Friend OR Foe?


“We fear nothing but the fear itself”, quite an oxymoron it is! Well, it means we fear “Fear”. But what is this fear and why is it so fearful?  Can we relate it to darkness or gloom? Or can we say it to be any horror? If yes; what is this fear and how is it produced?  Well, what I say is that the world we depict is precisely the way we perceive it.

Subsiding our servitude of life and all other substantial inclinations,  we see what we think or; in simple words we see what our brain makes us see. Well obviously I don’t want to term it as an intra-body contradiction,  nor do I want anyone to sense fragility behind this majestic craft of nature. But for instance, if you are writing on paper, you’ll perceive it as writing and not as fabricating colored water on smoothened sheets of particles of wood. Pardon me for creating any confusion between perception and simplifications, but it is clear to you now that we see everything in a way our mind makes us to.

This may mean that our surroundings can be considered a mere projection of our senses; be it a conscious or an unconscious one. Further backing this theory; we see how subliminal messages can alter our perceptions without sometimes making us able to, for instance, notify direct facts staring back at us right in our face. Pardon me for giving the most absurd examples; but it is sometimes, that we consider 1399 to be quite less than 1400 on an advertisement or start to panic at the first glance of the paper at which the time limit is 120 mins rather than 2 hours! You see how just a first digit or units can totally change our perception and make us act accordingly. 

If all of this is digestive enough; then allow me to say that our perceptions are our depictions, our dark depictions are our fears; fear is what we fear, so in simplified form; we fear our perceptions! Ouch! That hurts? Yes, I know it does, but it’s not really like that, we ought to fear what we think is detrimental to us in any way, in any sense. I’m afraid that I’m worst at giving examples but take this; if you walk on a wooden plank kept on the floor, it’s easy, isn’t it? You’ll cross it without losing a step, but what if the same plank is kept as a bridge between two elevated points some 1500 ft above the ground. Would it still be that easy? I bet it would not! 

So what can be deduced is that fear an inner instinct that should be considered, and by perceiving it in a way that it gives us maximum material: for any situation, we can win in the face of all odds and can twist the very nature of the happenings.  So appreciating this impulse as a gift of life, we can make any moment; the most cherished feather in our metaphorical cap, as once a wise man said, “Fear is nothing to be ashamed of, but it does matter how we face it.”


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