‘You don’t have to be alone.’


“My mum though, she was the one who helped me the most. I would never have made it this far without her. She never made me feel like I was someone different- always kept saying that the doctors are stupid, that they don’t know what they’re talking about. She never let anything stop me and encouraged me to go for declamations and speeches. I wanted to study Law and it is subject that is very theoretical which was a problem for me but she said it doesn’t matter. She has always pushed me forward. Mum always said that people go through a lot of bad things, some worse than you and some maybe not as much. It is not the hand that you’re dealt that has a lot to say about your life, what matters more is what you do after you’ve been thrown into a situation.

I feel like I have come very far because looking back I would have never expected myself to be here. If I was somewhere abroad I would have been put into a special school; I wouldn’t even be able to get here. Initially I never wanted to do anything that requires speaking but now I am doing theatre. I am very proud of myself because statistically I wasn’t supposed to do these things but I beat the odds. It’s kind of ironic, you know, like Beethoven was deaf but he still composed music.

I only have words of encouragement for people who think that something can stop them. If you at any point, are struggling then please tell somebody. Don’t keep it bottled inside because it is going to develop into something worse. People can help you through it even if they don’t quite understand it but trust someone enough to tell them. You don’t have to be alone. And the next step is acceptance. Accept the situation and learn how to deal with it. The day you start accepting that you’re not like everyone else and its okay, is when you can truly move forward.”


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