SCWP – CS, FIFA and Scrabble Competition

On Monday, 2nd January 2017, SCWP kicked off the new year with the COUNTER STRIKE, FIFA, SCRABBLE COMPETITION, in collaboration with NEMS. The entry ticket cost per person was RS 400 for registering in one activity, RS 700 for registering in two and RS 1000 for registering in all three of them. Prizes were given out for the winning team and runner-up of each activity.


The auditorium was divided into two halves, with the activities divided between the two rooms. The NEMS volunteers ardently set up the monitors and keyboards for CS, the tables and scrabble boards, as well as the televisions propped onto stands as the SCWP executives supervised the entire process. All the equipment brought in by the volunteers, including game CDs, consoles and remote controllers, were labeled and handled carefully, a guarantee provided by NEMS for safe-keeping.


A registration area was set up outside the auditorium where a NEMS volunteer accommodated walk-ins and registered them for the activities. A heated Scrabble match began between Shahir Shamim and Dhuha Alvi, in which Dhuha ultimately came out on top. Even though there were not a lot of players for Scrabble, it was seen to be a competitive yet enriching experience for all.


In the next room, the competition heated up as more and more players arrived to take part in Fifa and CS. As COO of SCWP, Tazeen Fatima, put it, “This was a good idea in terms of a fundraiser because a lot of people, especially boys, enjoy it which lead to a good amount of sign-ups and walk-ins”. The executives were delighted as the large amount raised would fund their future projects, enabling them to aid as many senior citizens as they could. As NEMS volunteer, Merzia Husnain, summed it up, “It was a wonderful experience and everybody was really enthusiastic about the event. All the volunteers are working really hard. It’s nice to see all the teams united!” The idea of having friendly competition while also raising funds to make a positive impact on the lives of others was inspiring, as the Nixor community came together once again for such a good cause.



  • Dhuha Alvi


  • WINNER: Sameer Faisal
  • RUNNER-UP: Kashif Rehan

CS (Counter Strike):

  • WINNER: Team Secret (Usama Bin Ejaz and Faraz Qadri)
  • RUNNER-UP: Team Spongebob and his Friend (Muhammad Ismail Jan and Syed Haider Shah)

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