Dream Studios – Culture Day


Colourful, enriching and educational are the words which describe this milestone event for Dream Studios held in collaboration with NEMS, as the AAO and MBAKH children gathered together to learn about the diverse cultures in Pakistan in a fun, understandable way. The CEO and COO of Dream Studios, Fazeela Baloch and Tazmeem Fatima, enthusiastically commented, “This is the first event Dream Studios has ever held! Previously, we were only doing art-related projects like painting walls (around campus) and handling an event’s décor but now we decided to execute a colorful event. We feel very excited to think we’ve finally held an event in our entity’s name!”

The event, held on 4th January, consisted of the first set of kids reaching the campus at 2:45 p.m. through a balloon arch and under a sky full of buntings and flags made by the dedicated volunteers. They were led to the canteen area while NEMS partnered with Dream Studios to transform the basketball court into a rich cultural goldmine. A Dream Studios volunteer, Emad Khatri, summed up the entity’s role saying, “Dream Studio’s role was to organize the décor and construct the whole plan of this event, they came up with the idea of the stalls and then they had the props made and the general decorations”  A Balochi, Punjabi, Pakhtoon and Sindhi stall was set up where volunteers, adorned in the culture’s traditional dress, used hand-crafted monuments and artifacts to explain fun facts about the culture’s weather, language, clothing, etc. Wahaj Kayani, an AAO volunteer, expressed his enthusiasm saying, “I am representing Punjabi culture and I have to brief the children coming in about the cultures of Pakistan. My experience today has been quite worthwhile.” A volunteer even spoke in Punjabi which was met with amused looks from the kids.


The Mehndhi, face painting and pot painting stalls provided engaging activities for the young students while the brick well-built in the middle of the court added to the general cultural theme. Soon after the kids from Sirat-Ul-Jannah arrived at 4 p.m whereupon a humorous yet meaningful skit was performed by the volunteers on the stage set up. It showed a country where everyone could express your opinions freely and conveyed a very important lesson of practicing tolerance.

The dance performances followed soon after, in which boys adorning Ajraks and girls boasting traditional attire, carried out well-choreographed dances to popular cultural songs, as the admiring audience of enthusiastic kids cheered them on. They were a hit amongst the children despite the last-minute setback detailed by MBAKH volunteer, Muhammad Daniyal, “The dance moves were spontaneously created and we chose 4-5 songs. We prepared yesterday but we didn’t have enough people as one person backed out so basically we had to start the dance preparation from scratch this morning.” Afterwards, the kids also enthusiastically joined in as ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ played in the background.


The kids, now tired out from the exciting and eventful evening, were served snacks which consisted of mini pizzas, sandwiches, and chocolates.

This event was well-executed and delivered the message across well, definitely leaving a positive mark on the impressionable young children to appreciate and embrace the variety of cultures our beloved country has to offer!



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