‘I was always discriminated against.’


“I started off in a government school. The kids there were very rowdy and rough. They had a system of grouping and I was always discriminated against. I was alone and friendless. I ended up spending all my free time studying and so I was always on top of my class. One time, at a parent teacher meeting, this one teacher of mine told my parents to send me to a private school as I had the potential to do well there. So in fourth grade I shifted to a private school.
But by that time I had changed a lot. I wasn’t talkative anymore nor was I good at socializing. My idea of people had also changed. I was always conscious about how I looked, how I talked, how I walked because you don’t want to give anyone a chance to point fingers at you. It built up to the point where I suffered from such extreme social anxiety that when in my new school a boy said ‘Oh look the new student is a girl!’ I broke down crying because I already felt discriminated against.
Writing and acting is my refuge. It’s where you get to create your own world. When I write, I absolutely despise the characters that are anything like me – hesitant and submissive. I think maybe it’s a reflection of how I don’t really like myself. I want to become someone else. Nixor has helped me grow a lot but I just hate the person I used to be.”


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