‘You need to have someone who believes in you.’


“I’ve mentioned how I love acting. My first acting break was in fifth grade where I was Minerva McGonagall for Harry Potter. I was super proud. But my parents never came to watch. They both were too busy and didn’t have the time. They have hectic schedules so I don’t want to burden them unnecessarily by forcing them to come. At Nixor my first performance was in Legacies in the summer and again my parents did not show up. I remember hearing this girl excitedly waiting for her parents to come and I felt that prick in my heart, wishing I could have been in her place, eagerly waiting for my parents.
Because my parents haven’t been my confidante, I always find someone else. But it’s never constant. I did find ‘my people’, but my people change. In school I had friend called Misbah who was there for a very long time. Then I made a friend online when I used to write on the internet. At Nixor, I haven’t really found the friends I’m looking for, but there are some good people here. Very good. The most influential would have to be Hamd Paracha, my CEO in Productions last year. When I joined Productions, I told him I don’t care about fame or spotlight. I just want friends. That’s all I want. I used to have massive stage fright. Still do sometimes. Hamd pushed me forward and helped me grow and I ended up receiving the ‘Best Actor’ award at IBA Enigma last year. I just think that for you to believe in yourself, you need to have someone who believes in you. Hamd believed in me.
To others, I just want to say, take risks. You never know what good might come out of it. My past experiences have made me very vary of people. I don’t trust easily nor do I open up because they’ll leave eventually, what’s the point? But I’m still hopeful. I’m sure I’ll find my people.”


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