‘She is the real fighter.’

“After my mother’s iddat she got up and took care of everything so flawlessly that I couldn’t help but be in awe. She made sure that after Papa, our lifestyle remained the same. My siblings and I still live in the same house and go to same schools. She drives us to school in the morning and takes us on vacations. She is the real fighter. A lot of people call me strong but they don’t know that I am nothing without my mother. I am strong only because she is strong. She does all the things Papa had to do like going for car repairs, getting the pipes fixed- all those little things which you don’t even notice when your father is there. She was there when I had my CIEs and needed help, she went with me to my college interviews and today when I am applying to universities she’s the one who tells me to go for it and to achieve all my dreams. She keeps it together for everyone. You know, she was about to leave in the same car as my father. I shudder to think how easily I could have lost both my parents that day. That makes me grateful for Mumma every second of every day.

We have come to terms with what happened and are getting on with our lives but to be honest, it doesn’t get easier with time. I see the car in the same position outside school but this time my mother is in it waiting for me instead of my father. Whenever anything good or bad happens, we remember him. In the days following his death, the Holy Quran became my solace. I found refuge in the beautiful words, and somehow, it made the pain easier. It’s very difficult to bear sometimes, but I know that when Allah inflicts a burden upon you, He always gives strength to deal with it.”



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