TSKL – Al-Zohra Theatre


After two weeks of training at Al-Zohra, entity Taleem Sab Kay Liye (TSKL) was able to execute the “Al-Zohra Theatre” in collaboration with Nixor Productions, with Nixor Log-X as the logistical partners. A number of children participated from Al-Zohra, either in the form of actors in the different skits, or as audience. Soha Shahzad, CEO of TSKL, highlighted that the main idea behind carrying out a play for the students at Al-Zohra was to boost their confidence level. Excitement, happiness and joy could be vividly seen on the faces of these children as for the first ever time they would experience the world of drama and theatre.

The day started off with the children from Al-Zohra arriving at Nixor College at 8:30 am. They were filled with excitement and were anxiously looking forward to what was in store for them. After a final headcount, everyone filed into the auditorium and settled in. The atmosphere was filled with electricity and barely contained excitement as the participants eagerly awaited their turn on stage and the audience impatiently waited to see their friends and students perform.

The children had prepared 3 skits and a poem to entertain the audience and showcase their talents. The story of each of the skit had a moral to it. This was because, as Soha Shahzad explained, they also wanted to children to learn something from this activity as the main aim of their entity is to education, enlighten and inspire.

The event was kicked off by 3 young hosts who were students from the Al-Zohra school. They called upon participants for the first skit which showcased the moral that lying and cheating never lead to success and are always causes of failure. The first skit was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and a young boy named Bilal who played the devil, won the hearts of the audience through his brilliant portrayal of the character. This was followed by a performance of the poem “BINGO” which was thoroughly entertaining and refreshed the spirit of nursery rhymes among all of us.


The third segment of the event was performance of another play that showcased the importance of a mother hence the moral of the story was shown to be ‘never disobey your parents and always respect them’. The brilliant acting skills of the children left the audience sentimental towards the end of the play. Towards the end there was a third skit performed by the children, which depicted the unthankful and uncompromising attitude of young children these days hence showcasing that we need to be appreciative of what we have and learn to be happy in every situation. In this play the approach of children living in urban areas was depicted and how it changed after one visit to their village where they learnt the true essence of life. This segment was equally entertaining and earned the children thunderous applause from the spectators.

At the end, certificates were distributed among the children who participated. Here, very touching moment was witnessed, when one of the children asked his favorite volunteer from TSKL to give him his certificate of participation. This moment showed the dedication of the volunteers and bond they had developed with the children in these few days. After the event ended, the children were escorted to the cafeteria by the volunteers and were served some snacks to satisfy their growling stomachs after an exciting morning.

As far as, the execution of the event is concerned, it seemed flawless and perfect. Director of Operations, Hadi Zia, noted that the mismanagement of mic system on the stage, threw off the children a little bit as they had not done any final sound check rehearsal before the big day. However, it is to the credit of the little kids that they did not let anything hinder their performances brilliantly executed every role.

The volunteers, who had worked hard all week to train the kids, were seen to be quite overwhelmed. One of the TSKL volunteers, Bilal Hanif, opened up about his heart touching experience working with the children at Al-Zohra. He shared how well the children mingled with them and how he once had to pacify a crying child who was not able to perform well at the beginning of the training sessions. The volunteers felt this experience would stay with them for a lifetime and were glad they had had a chance to play their part.

Thus, it can be said that the children performed superbly, exceeding all expectations. The executives and volunteers of TSKL, Nixor Productions, children and staff of Al-Zohra should be credited for their support and hard work which made this event successful. Let’s hope we continue to see such events from an entity that knows no barriers when it comes to Educating, Enlightening and Inspiring.


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