NFS – Inauguration of External Internships


“We might not be ready, but we are definitely willing”

These were the words that inspired Nixor Financial Services to venture above and beyond conventional high school programs as they set out to on a quest to enable A-level students to experience the corporate world, first hand. Their efforts were fortified over the GSD week when they sent a handful of interns, to open-minded corporations such as AL Baraka bank and TPL direct insurance, as a proof of concept that A level students can also learn from the workspace experience just as much, if not more, than their undergrad counterparts.


After a successful orientation period, on 21st January 2017, NFS hosted a proper inauguration of this internship program. Held in the basketball court of Nixor College, elegant décor (courtesy of Nixor Log-X) and well dressed individuals were the defining visual characteristics of this event.

At around 5:15 the event officially started, with Madiha Asad and Usama Azeem as hosts. They began by introducing the NFS internship program as Pakistan’s first high school internship program and then proceeded to elaborate on the need of development of soft skills that students may not be able to learn from text books. After this Zain Azhar and Sana Wasim graced the stage with their presence and talked about the challenges they faced in establishing something this ambitious, among which the stereotype of A-level students being too immature to handle the professional world was emphasized greatly. Following this, interns who participated in the orientation were invited to share their experiences. All of these individuals showed great gratitude towards NFS and their respective employers, even going so far as to call the experience life changing in many aspects.


After the interns, it was finally the turn of the representatives of the corporations that took part in this program to share their views. These busy professionals, who included Farah Naz from Al Baraka bank and Mehak from TPL direct insurance, took time out of their schedules to appreciate the work done by the interns and the initiative taken by NFS as a whole. They stated that this experience completely changed their views towards the capabilities of high school students and fortified their belief that work experience should be incorporated at ground root level in order to produce client ready entrepreneurs and professionals. They also emphasized the need to ask questions and pointed out that the ability and willingness to ask questions is the true sign of brilliance, something that the NFS interns undoubtedly possessed, making them no less capable than university students.


These inspirational addresses were followed by one from our very own dean, Sir Nadeem Ghani, who acknowledged and thoroughly appreciated the efforts of NFS, congratulating them on establishing such a necessary and beneficial basis through the internship program. This was followed by a few lines on the importance of practical experience in addition to textbook knowledge. He then ended his speech but not before declaring,

“The NFS team of this year has set a whole new bar to meet. I am definitely a proud dean today.”

After this a proper ribbon cutting ceremony marked the inauguration of the internship program and with this the formal presentation had officially elapsed; however the event as a whole was still not over. Refreshments were brought out as soon as the ribbon cutting ceremony ended and was accompanied by refreshing change in the atmosphere as the discussions among students and guests began. This was followed by an elaborate photography session courtesy of Studio X.


During this time Nixor Media managed to talk to the COO of NFS Zain Azhar where he explained that NFS aims to remove the fear of the unknown regarding the enterprise culture in Pakistan. He said that both this program and the one being held at Nest IO is part of a bigger picture to promote enterprise culture in our economy so that the youth can fully exploit the resources available to them.

This event has officially marked the beginning of the internship program, and NFS will be on the lookout for people who are willing to avail this opportunity productively. These chosen individuals will get the opportunity to work in some of Pakistan’s most prestigious enterprises throughout the summer, learning not only the tricks of the trade, but also all there is to know about their own chosen areas through an interactive and hands on approach.


NFS and the firms involved are both excitedly waiting for the summer internship to begin as this will mark a new era in learning, where the youth will know exactly what they are getting into and this will, in the long run, create a better and more perfection oriented workforce for Pakistan.



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