‘Outer beauty is something that just fades away with time.’

“Like every girl, my biggest insecurity was not looking pretty enough. Ever since I can remember, people have said to me “Tumhari age barh rahi hai, magar height nahi barh rahi.” I tried everything I could to help my height grow, but it’s not something I can control and so I eventually gave up. I visit a dermatologist for my acne but I’m still prone to breakouts.
My sisters, MashAllah, are extremely beautiful, and people used to point out the fact which made me feel worse. I was in a very bad place. But I’ve come to realize that outer beauty is something that just fades away with time. We all grow old. There are greater things in life that I need to focus on, other than appearances. I’ve learnt that people remember me for the things I’ve said, for the happiness I’ve spread, for the difference I’ve made.
Since then I’ve stopped caring about what people say. They can make jokes all they want, but I’ve seen devils behind those beautiful faces. And girls need to realize that the number of guys who compliment you, do not define your worth.
Now I’m content in knowing that if God hasn’t given me the things that I wanted, He’s blessed me in countless other ways and I’m so grateful. I just want to do something in life that people can remember me by.”



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