NSG – Alumni Sports Week 2017


Reporters: Adan Ali, Shahir Shamim and Wahaj Kayani

Monday, January 9th saw the launch of the much awaited Nixor Alumni Sports Week. Initiated by Nixor Student Government, organized by Nixor Event Management Services and covered by Nixor Media and Nixor Studio Y, Nixor Alumni Sports Week is a marquee event of Nixor College that knits together the Nixor Community through the virtue of sport.

With Studio Y providing the photographic coverage of the event we got in touch with their volunteer, Taha Shabbir to ask about the complexities involved in capturing the fast-paced action that took place in the middle. Taha responded by saying that;

While it is thrilling to cover a sporting event like this, the margin for error is minimized to the fractions of a second, which makes taking an ideal shot exponentially more challenging than it is at regular events.

Successive matches took place on each of the three days starting at 4 PM and ending at the cut-off time of 8 PM. On Monday, a cricket match between Team C and Spartans broke the ice and started a series of close contests between Alumni and outgoing batches of Nixor College which pushed the spectators to the edge of their seats. First, of the three cricket matches on the Day 1 of Nixor Alumni Sports Week went in favor of Spartans who chased the target of eighteen runs down with two overs to spare and by losing only one wicket along the way.

In between the matches we got in touch with one of Nixor’s students from the Class of 2017, Hadi Zia and asked for his views over Alumni Sports Week. Hadi believes that;

The idea of having an Alumni Sports Week is really nice, since, we get to meet our old friends that have graduated and on the other hand they get to revisit their old memories.

Spartans momentum received a hit in the second match when they were defeated by Team A who comfortably chased down Spartans total of nineteen runs with over ten balls remaining in the game. Team A carried forward their form in the third match where they went on to overcome B.G.G in what was the highest-scoring game of the day with over fifty runs being scored cumulatively by both the sides.


Cricket matches were followed by a nail-biting Basket Ball match between Daddy’s Darling and Nixor Blazers. Nixor Blazers which consisted of Nixor’s Alumni showed consistent control and discipline on the field which ultimately got them to take the match 11-6.

After Nixor’s Alumni had sealed the first day of Alumni Sports Week through their competitive performances, the crowd showed up in decent numbers on Tuesday, when the action resumed with a futsal match. The futsal game got the audience engaged as both the teams battled hard till the last minute with Nixor White narrowly escaping with a 4-3 victory. During the matches, we asked Sir Talha, who in the past have been a part of Nixor’s Football Team and is currently a member of Nixor College’s Administration about his views on Alumni Sports Week. Sir Talha expressed that;

Sports is something everyone is attached to, one way or the other you either want to play it or you just want to watch it.

He added;

You always find a connection with sports and Admin wants the students to use such events as learning opportunities which is why we handed over this event to NEMS and NSG, and I feel they are doing an excellent job at bringing this together.

Three cricket matches between Qalandars and SAK were the highlights from the final day of Nixor Alumni Sports Week. SAK started the proceedings by winning the toss and electing to bat first, only to post a modest total of sixteen runs with the loss of four wickets in their quota of four overs. Qalandars, despite losing the toss, avenged with an aggressive batting display as they chased down the total with nearly two overs to spare. In the second game, SAK, aware of Qalandars batting profess, batted with calculated aggression and set Qalandars a target of twenty-five runs to achieve in four overs. Qalandars, who seemed unstoppable in the previous game were outdone by a much more calculated display of bowling by SAK’s bowlers which helped them clinch the match by six runs.


A 1-1 tie between SAK and Qalandars soared the enthusiasm of the crowd to its peak. And while, Nixor Student Government and Nixor Event Management Services were hard at work to make arrangements for a series defining third match, we got in touch with Bassam who hails from Nixor College’s Class of 2017 and is the Vice President of Nixor Student Government to ask about his experience in bringing together Nixor Alumni Sports Week with Nixor Event Management Services. Bassam reciprocated by saying that;

Both, NEMS and NSG through mutual collaboration have done a pretty decent job at this event, and while Government has been the one who came about this idea, NEMS are the ones who brought it to life.

Despite the pressure from the stands, the series decider between SAK and Qalandars proved to be the highest scoring cricket match of the Alumni Sports Week. After the end of the first innings, SAK were the obvious favorites thanks to their solid batting display which got them to a total of twenty-nine runs. In spite of the scoreboard pressure, Qalandars turned the tide on the game and took series 2-1 by chasing the total in the last over to win the final match by four wickets.

To sum up, Alumni Sports Week is the embodiment of Nixor’s culture which revolves around the bonding of one community that consists of the administration, faculty, alumni and students of what we believe is the Home of the Sharks.


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