NFS – Investors Lounge Collaboration


During GSD week Nixor Financial Services held the first session of the long awaited Investors Lounge Investment Training Session. This session, held on 29th December 2016 from 4 pm to 6 pm in the Auditorium, was a collaboration between NFS Capital, Investors lounge and JS Global.

At around 4 pm people started flooding the auditorium and soon the large hall was packed with people eager to make sense of the illusive stock market. Whispers of anxiety and curiosity filled the room as everyone waited for the guest speakers to arrive.

Half an hour later, the formal session officially began by the introduction of the stock market to this new generation of investors. To effectively explain what investing was, the speakers used daily life occurrences from buying a car, to investing in people as a form of human capital.

After the establishment of this crucial link the audience was questioned regarding why most people don’t invest in the stock market, and this question was faced with many viable reasons among which were the lack of knowledge as well as a misunderstanding regarding the difficulty of using the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The speakers further continued to break down investment into its simplest form with introducing the idea of relative value and how investing today can lead to higher spending tomorrow. They also talked about how people make investing complicated while in reality it’s very straightforward.


Once this foundation was established, Mr Khurram Schezad was invited on stage to commence “Investing 101”. Mr Khurram is a renowned investor in the PSX and it was encouraging for everyone to see him dedicating his precious time for the next generation of financiers.

He then explained the difference between an entrepreneur, an indirect entrepreneur and someone who works for a company. After emphasizing that at this stage the students of today can afford to make mistakes while investing in order to learn from them, he moved onto basic evaluation techniques which ranged from isolating relevant factors to making connections and reading between the lines. He also discussed how to analyze risk and reward and set return objectives.

From this he moved on to highlighting the various possible places to invest money in- the most popular of which are equities, physical assets and property. He also talked about how to build a portfolio and always aim high. The constraints of investing were also discussed and this was further enforced with real life, relatable examples. Then he moved on to more intermediate stuff, particularly risk analysis and ways to outperform the market. He also emphasized the importance of timing when making investment decisions as well as the need of calculated investments going hand in hand with gut feelings and hunches and even talked about advanced concepts like hedge funds. He concluded the lecture by saying,

“The best time to invest is when there’s blood on the streets.”

To further educate the students about the world of investment, another session was held, this time in Nest I/O, on the 25th of January, 2017. The interns left Nixor at around 4pm and reached the Nest I/O Office which turned out be a futuristic and unconventional building with wide open spaces. Sofas and bean bags were seen in the place of the usual business chairs. Without delay, we moved to the conference hall which packed with some quite impressive state of the art technological devices.


Here we received an amazing talk from Mr. Christian Johnson from USAID, who talked to us about being an entrepreneur using his own life story. He then said four words extremely impactful words,

“Lose the word failure”

He fortified our hesitation by his own life story, the details of which are extremely fascinating and vivid. The gist of his story is that by staying positive he was able to pull himself out of certain doom and has now established 8 stock exchanges throughout the world among his other accomplishments. He also emphasized on important life lessons such as that of always being honest, and prioritizing our career over our hobbies.

The session was concluded by an address from Ms. Jehan Ara from Nest I/O who talked to us about how to establish finance and what to be wary of when looking for investors to bank our projects. She also told how despite being persecuted for being a woman, she managed to overcome her obstacles and became one of the most successful business leaders of Pakistan.

With this the session ended and the promise that NFS Capital had made was now complete. Throughout the month the interns learned unparalleled life lessons which not only made them better people, but also helped them become better analysts and decision makers. This is among the first steps that NFS has taken to establish today’s youth as true entrepreneurs and we truly hope that they continue their efforts in the coming future.



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