‘It’s a comfort I can’t even put into words.’


“A few years ago my father experienced a huge loss in his business. The whole world fell apart for us. I saw my father struggling and my mother doing night duties. My father, the person who used to help everyone financially, was forced to take a loan to pay my CIE fees. Those were the toughest years of my life; I felt broken. I looked at my friends around me who had everything and I didn’t. I desperately needed a scholarship for college but when I got my CIE grades, I realized they weren’t good enough to get me financial aid. I cried the entire night.
I was the girl who never prayed or thought much about religion but when I found myself shattered and needed someone so bad, I realized there is a power much greater than my problems and depression. And it was with God that I ultimately found my peace and my solace. After I turned to Him everything changed miraculously. Depending on Him was the best feeling in the world; it’s a comfort I can’t even put into words.

Alhumdulillah my family is financially stable now, and things are back to normal – but I’ve changed. I pray five times a day and have started doing hijab too. I don’t take it off because this is a part of me and my belief. I went from someone who was depressed and unsure about God to someone who is so profoundly happy and has an extremely firm belief that there is a God looking out for me, no matter where I am or what I face.”

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