TSKL – Taleem Hamesha Debate Competition


Reporter: Wahaj Kayani

On 7th January 2016, Taleem Sab Kay Liye, successfully executed their last event of the GSD, ‘Taleem Hamesha: Debate Competition’ a contest staged to inculcate the principles of dialogue in the housekeeping staff of Nixor. The event was organized by Nixor Log-X, while Nixor Media provided the press coverage. Intrigued by what a debate competition between the domestic staff might have to offer, the audience which comprised of the members of administration, students and teachers, turned up for the event in great numbers.


With TSKL’s staff member, Sara Qadir as the host of the event, the floor for debate opened with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mumtaz from Nixor College. ‘Advantages of English Language,’ was a speech by Akbar from Civitas, who was applauded for his confidence and dedication. Akbar’s speech initiated a series of well-rehearsed talks that came about throughout the course of the evening. Mehboob from O’Levels followed with an insightful statement over ‘The Importance of Education’ after which Nixor’s favourite, Sweeta Aunty explained to us ‘The Importance of Parents in our Life’ by highlighting the need for children to realize their responsibilities towards their parents.


Next, Nazeera from Civitas used her experience to emphasize the importance of education in an individual’s life. Naveed from O’Levels changed the tempo of the evening by arguing about the causes and solutions for Traffic Jams which made the audience nod in agreement to the reasons he presented. Jameela from Nixor voiced the pressing problem of ‘Child Labor’ in Pakistan while Faaro from Civitas gave points that advocated the importance of spreading education.


Then came Mumtaz, who showed great composure in speaking about two meaningful topics, “Importance of Greetings” and “Importance of Parents,” to bolster the impact of his speech, Mumtaz attached poetry concerning the motive of his speech, which left every person in the auditorium applauding. Altaf from Nixor College, gained the attention of the audience as he went on to express that;

“Success comes with inner peace and not with money, fame or any other worldly possession.”

Ajmal Bhai then stepped onto the stage and raised questions over our independence. He sternly criticized the Government in fluent English, for the ever-present status quo and various unresolved issues, such as terrorism, corruption and the absence of institutional transparency. He also elaborated the paradoxical norms and cultures present in our society that have stunted the growth of our country. The importance of Education once again got to the limelight as Fayyaz, and Abdul Sattar from Nixor College both in their speeches focused on factors that could improve its implementation.


The speeches were ripe with facts, rhetorical devices and most of all were delivered by confident speakers who gave us the glimpse of TSKL’s extensive efforts in preparing Nixor’s domestic staff to discuss, intellectual concerns like the environment, lack of education and the socio-economic plight of Pakistan. Talking to Nixor Media, Ammar Lakho who is a volunteer of TSKL, elaborated to us the technique that TSKL used to prepare Nixor’s housekeeping staff for a competition like this,

“Most of them, were initially comfortable with paper reading. However, we structured their ideas and their thought process to make them feel at home when they go out of their comfort zones for public speaking.”


CEO of Taleem Sab Kay Liye, Soha Shahzad also shared with us the problems they faced in bringing this project together and ended up with saying that this was the best event of her tenure. Here is Soha in her own words;

 “It was much better than what I had expected. At first, it was quite a task connecting to the janitors as they usually don’t speak Urdu. We used to have sessions at 11 am, and for that, we had to assemble all the participants most of whom were unwilling to take part in this project due to under confidence. However, despite the odds, we convinced and motivated a sizeable amount of housekeeping staff to take part in Taleem Hamesha Debate Competition. Seeing the result today, though, it was well worth the effort as now I can safely say that it was the best event of my tenure.” 

TSKL received unanimous appreciation from both the housekeeping staff of Nixor and the members of the administration. Sir Nadeem Ghani, the Dean of Nixor College, appreciated TSKL’s initiative in the following words;

“I have never stayed so long in any GSD event, but this one compelled me to remain in my seat till the end.”

Hashir Ali Awan, who is the Captain of Nixor Debate, also praised the participants for their dedication and related how the housekeeping staff has made everyone present, realize the importance of education.


First, second and third positions were secured by Ajmal, Muzna and Mumtaz, respectively, however, Sir Nadeem Ghani praised the competitiveness of the contest and motivated the participants and runners-up of Taleem Hamesha Debate by saying that;

“Today there are only three cups, but all the participants are winners for me.”

By continuing their legacy of teaching and by firmly holding on to their belief that education knows no boundaries, Team Taleem successfully conducted the Taleem Hamesha Debate Competition to end their GSD on a high note.    



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