Donating My Hair – a big change but a great experience.

When I was 12 years old, I came across the idea of donating your hair to be made into wigs for cancer patients. I was immediately intrigued. Since a young age, I’ve always looked up to the people who are active volunteers in community service. I believe these are the strong, hard working people who … More Donating My Hair – a big change but a great experience.

‘Many times I plaster a smile to my face and try to hide the battle inside’

“I developed anxiety and depression when I came to Nixor. A lot of things were happening together and I tried to use ECAs as a distraction. I got involved in Nixor Corporate and worked very hard for my entity. There was a lot happening in my life, and all of that coupled with severe family … More ‘Many times I plaster a smile to my face and try to hide the battle inside’

TSKL – Blue Sky

This GSD, TSKL conducted their project, Blue Sky near Bilawal House from 26th of December through 6th of January. Blue Sky is one of the many projects TSKL operates, and as the name suggests, it is a project which breaks the stereotypes usually attached to education by showing that knowledge could be imparted without the … More TSKL – Blue Sky

I Salute

To the hero inside you I salute And for the pain you’ve yet endured Moments of sorrow rise and ebb away May your heart never go astray Through the maze of life may you choose the right route And to that I will salute Don’t resent how much of your time I take Time my friend is just another grenade Past the frown to the person deep down Rise high above with your wings in skies untamed If your heart could sing composers would not be able to put together the symphony The softest ever made Feel free to rage, but do come out Of that suffocating cage Let your heart beat to its strength You’re a poem that needs to be read over and over again We need to read between the lines Because every being fights a battle inside I know it’s hard But the person inside you is who you have to be Our definition is not the dirt or the seed But the flower we choose to be Believe me when I tell you I know why you put up that guard I know it’s hard Your beauty is in your imperfection So lift your heart from the depth of disparity’s ocean You’re you That’s why a part of me is yours forever Because I salute you – you’re a gem of a character.