TSKL – Taleem Hamesha Debate Competition

Reporter: Wahaj Kayani On 7th January 2016, Taleem Sab Kay Liye, successfully executed their last event of the GSD, ‘Taleem Hamesha: Debate Competition’ a contest staged to inculcate the principles of dialogue in the housekeeping staff of Nixor. The event was organized by Nixor Log-X, while Nixor Media provided the press coverage. Intrigued by what … More TSKL – Taleem Hamesha Debate Competition

‘Everything was perfect. But then A levels started.’

“Up until O levels, my life was extremely smooth. I was in control. I applied to Nixor and got an unconditional offer with a 50% academic scholarship. Everything was perfect. But then A levels started. All year round I performed well, but the CIE result sheet brought my world crashing down on me. To this … More ‘Everything was perfect. But then A levels started.’

NFS – Inauguration of External Internships

“We might not be ready, but we are definitely willing” These were the words that inspired Nixor Financial Services to venture above and beyond conventional high school programs as they set out to on a quest to enable A-level students to experience the corporate world, first hand. Their efforts were fortified over the GSD week … More NFS – Inauguration of External Internships

‘Many times I plaster a smile to my face and try to hide the battle inside’

“I developed anxiety and depression when I came to Nixor. A lot of things were happening together and I tried to use ECAs as a distraction. I got involved in Nixor Corporate and worked very hard for my entity. There was a lot happening in my life, and all of that coupled with severe family … More ‘Many times I plaster a smile to my face and try to hide the battle inside’

TSKL – Blue Sky

This GSD, TSKL conducted their project, Blue Sky near Bilawal House from 26th of December through 6th of January. Blue Sky is one of the many projects TSKL operates, and as the name suggests, it is a project which breaks the stereotypes usually attached to education by showing that knowledge could be imparted without the … More TSKL – Blue Sky